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That Night!

I don’t know what struck me. I thought I was in senses. But then there was something that made the whole night so blur, and I hadn’t a pint. I wasn’t intoxicated or injected or injured, but then there was something that made the events of the night so messed. I am trying, trying as hard as I can, to think logically, to be wise and not act foolishly. But it’s all in vain.
I have had my falls, a lot many of them too. But then there was a jolt that jerked me to stand up. It gave me confidence to think hard and to be who I was. I believe I was confident, could face any challenge and could be who I was! But then there was something in the night that made all that confidence dwindle. I don’t think there was a fault in me, I don’t think there was something awkward, but then there was something in the night that made me doubt my judgment.
I am thinking hard, I can’t be such a fool. I try to be reasonable, evaluate every move I made. What was it that was missing? What was it that I did wrong?…

From A Broken Heart!

What shall I say, it’s a mystery! Whom I thought to be my better half, Turned out to be a burden on me!
I was happy earlier, When there was no one to prey. Though there was a hidden longing To meet someone to enrich my day!
Then I saw you, And felt the urge to be with you. You were so loving and caring I felt heavenly being near you.
What happened suddenly? I can’t remember. I was basking in your love, When you showed me your fury.
Things felt apart so quickly There was no glue to stick them together. You left blaming for the runt As I lay there shattered at the loss.
Since then I stay in despair Aloof from happiness of yesteryears. Idiotically waiting for someone To embrace and make me whole again.

All About Scorpio Horoscope Sign

With the symbol of the Scorpion, you’re as deadly as you are small and unassuming. As a Scorpio, your self-defense emerges in the form of strong emotional awareness -- you have an innate sense of what you and other people around you are feeling.

Scorpio is the only horoscope sign that has three animal totems. The Scorpion has an active tail, but as the Scorpio masters its passion and holds its instincts at bay, it changes into the Eagle, with more perspective, who can fly above the rest and make more conscious decisions. The Eagle then becomes the peaceful dove. Thus, the real meaning of Scorpio is about metamorphosis. Scorpios transform their poisonous passion into a higher consciousness based on universal love.

Your motto might be "What is hidden is more interesting than what is obvious." You are the detectives of the zodiac. While your magnetic personality draws others in, you are very secretive -- because you’re so intense, you don’t want to scare off others. You desperate…

Kashmiri Folk

As time changes, our tastes and preferences also tend to change. And in this evolving environment we often forget where we belong and leave it far behind.

I enjoy music and believe in its powers, and honestly prefer to hear more of the western music than the Indian Pop and Bollywood styles. But when I got a chance to hear The Sarod, The Satvik Veena and some other folk performances, I couldn't realize what all I was missing and how less I knew.

When I joined Spic Macay, I never thought that it would be such a lively experience. The melodies that these instruments bring forth are definite to calm your senses. The music they produce is deemed to take you into deep meditation and relax your soul.

When I think of Kashmir, I imagine beautiful valleys, glowing river and fantastic view, and a little turmoil due to political debacle. But when I heard their folk music, it was a totally new experience. It had passion, smoothness and energy,so much so, that girls listening to the music coul…

What Should I Say!

What should I say,

when you walk away;

with your back on me;

so that you look at me.

what should I say,

when you heart is broken;

the reason, me;

so that you love me.

what should I say,

when there is a tear on your cheek;

you can't control,you are weak;

so that you count on me.

what should I say,

so that you believe;

you trust without thinking twice;

I can die for your love.

what should I say,

to make you realise;

no matter how much I lie;

it's to make you smile, I breathe.


My version of "when sorry seems to be the hardest word"


Why does it get so difficult to decide,
Why does it get so difficult to live?
Why does everyone want you to act the way they think is right,
Why is it that whatever I think is revolutionary?
Why is it that I am told that I am free,
Yet I feel the urge to bread the cage and flee?
Why is it that my feelings do mean something,
Yet when I say them, I am being termed selfish?
Why is it that I always feel alive when I am alone,
Yet I am urged to live by the society?
Why is it, that in my life,
I am taught how to live?


Stop and think!Everything that we have revolves around expectations.There are expectations from the time you are born till the time you lie lifeless on your dead bed.

When the blossoms bloom when I look into those deep eyes that take me to a wonderland, where there is no fear, no hatred just love that transpires between two souls, I have expectations! I want her to love me, to think of my well being and take care of me as she wants me to be loyal to her and think of her happiness before mine.

When a child is born with the eyes closed to the world and body sensitive to its harshness, in the tenderness of a mother's gaze and the protection of the father's arms, there is expectations!

When the love is bonded and a seal is secured, with the tying of the knot when a relationship is secured, in the festivities of the marriage and the happiness of the crowd there is expectations!

When we grow up to face the world, live life the way no one has ever lived before and create paths where…

The Patriots

When Indian cricket team glorified the world with their amazing World Cup win, the entire woke up to a feeling of joy and happiness never felt before. Their were tears, belly dancing (by bellies better covered, though) and the Flag. Everyone cheered the hard work and honesty of the team and basked in the glory of the God of Cricket.
During the match, the entire country stood still and even a childish remark about the team loosing could have been rewarded with lifetime imprisonment. But behind all this joy and festivities, I am forced to think, “If only the nation felt the way it felt, always.”
Hypothetically speaking, if the team would have lost (though I always prayed for their victory) fans would have made the life of the players a living hell, and this no secret as some of the most eminent players have even voiced their concern about the pressure they faced. If only we would make the life of all those people who made a the progress of the nation living hell, wouldn’t we have already …


Being new to this version of social interaction there is not much I have right now, just a few words.

The world is an ever changing entity,
Where the phrase "change is the only constant" is a cliche.
I just plan to create my own space in this world,
Leave marks of my life so that even when I am gone;
I am survived.

I have still a long way to go,
But my journey so far has showed me a lot.
When I was a child, I learned what is love of a family,
When I joined school, I came to know the temple of knowledge called Teacher.
Life is a never ending journey to learn;one of them said.
In that journey I made some friends,
And the set com became part of my life.
The when I entered college,
I realised what it is to be between strangers all by yourself.

This is an interesting part of my life,
Cause I believe it is here I realised what is life.
Made friends galore but no enemies,
As this was the safest way to survive.
Reaslised the truth behind  "Two Face"
And learned that not a…