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Being new to this version of social interaction there is not much I have right now, just a few words.

The world is an ever changing entity,
Where the phrase "change is the only constant" is a cliche.
I just plan to create my own space in this world,
Leave marks of my life so that even when I am gone;
I am survived.

I have still a long way to go,
But my journey so far has showed me a lot.
When I was a child, I learned what is love of a family,
When I joined school, I came to know the temple of knowledge called Teacher.
Life is a never ending journey to learn;one of them said.
In that journey I made some friends,
And the set com became part of my life.
The when I entered college,
I realised what it is to be between strangers all by yourself.

This is an interesting part of my life,
Cause I believe it is here I realised what is life.
Made friends galore but no enemies,
As this was the safest way to survive.
Reaslised the truth behind  "Two Face"
And learned that not all judgments are good
And often for some important decision
There is no one you can rely.

Now I have some good friends,
Have bonded with some beautiful people.
Those who were strangers once
Are as close as  friend can be.

Started on a new journey,
With a chapter called work experience to write,
And prove my life worth while to live my dream.
With all that I  have lived through;as a lesson
I tread along the path to reach my destiny.
But along the path,
I hope to keep this to survive ME.


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Chal Daaru Peete Hai!

Samay se chura kar kuchh waqt,
Zindagi jeete hai.
Chal daaru peete hai...

Wo sapno ki chadar jo fat gayi hai,
Nashe me hi sahi,
Aaj usko seete hai,
Chal daaru peete hai...

Usko bata do ki ab aur intezar nahi uska,

Uske intezar me na jane kitne din, mahine, saal bus yun hi beete hai,
Chal daru peete hai...

Zindagi me hasil karne the jo mukaam, sharab k nashe me hi sahi,
Aaj unhe jeete hai...
Chal daru peete hai...

Gamon Ko chipa kar khusiyan batein
Chehare pe hasi ka ek aur nakab pahne..
Chal daru pite hai....

Yaadon ki baarat me khuch pal bitate hain
Thoda thoda yaad kartein hain...
Chal daru pite hain...

Khuch pal ke liye he sahi 
Samay ko dokha detein hai.
Chal daru piten hain

Written By an Unkown Writer!! But must say "Chal Daaru Peete Hai!"

Shelters for Animals

The festival of 'Holi' just ended. In one of the local newspapers I read an article about a group of youngsters urging people to allow stray dogs to live in house compounds and with the help of some locals, they were also building make-shift shelter homes. That was a really noble gesture because colors used in 'Holi' can harm animals.

That led me to think, that when one festival can make people build animal shelters, then why don't we actually do so permanently. Now I might be ignorant and there might be some already in place. But when I see a stray dog, it makes confirms my notion.

Recently, people have become quite active about animal rights, we have come a long way from making fun and jokes on 'Maenka Gandhi' for being so active in support of animals to actually starting pledges and NGO's to protect them. But still, there is dearth of good shelter homes for stray animals.

It is time we started thinking about building proper care homes where stray an…


Standing there, a tall, sturdy figure.
With eyes of love and heart of joy.
Waiting for me with an open arm
I see my dad, calling my name.Plays with me, teaches me,
A stare from him might even scare me.
The reason of all my confidence,
My dad, backing me up always.I look up to him in trouble,
I party with him in triumph.
He has been my coach,
My dad, a friend to a son!