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Being new to this version of social interaction there is not much I have right now, just a few words.

The world is an ever changing entity,
Where the phrase "change is the only constant" is a cliche.
I just plan to create my own space in this world,
Leave marks of my life so that even when I am gone;
I am survived.

I have still a long way to go,
But my journey so far has showed me a lot.
When I was a child, I learned what is love of a family,
When I joined school, I came to know the temple of knowledge called Teacher.
Life is a never ending journey to learn;one of them said.
In that journey I made some friends,
And the set com became part of my life.
The when I entered college,
I realised what it is to be between strangers all by yourself.

This is an interesting part of my life,
Cause I believe it is here I realised what is life.
Made friends galore but no enemies,
As this was the safest way to survive.
Reaslised the truth behind  "Two Face"
And learned that not a…