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Have We Changed or Is It Our Perception?

It is often said that people change as they grow; but is it actually true?

When we are kids, nothing has any effect on us. We are like revolutionaries; we do what we desire without caring about what anyone would think of us. And if anybody thought they could change us, well we showed them that they shouldn't wish for stars. You tell us something not to do, and we the first thing we did was bite the forbidden apple. The only person we ever listened to was the one we were scared of; or the one who we idolized. We were happy in our own world; and yes, it was our
own world, our own rules and our own society!

But then something really tragic happened - we grew up! Suddenly we were too big for our own world. The rules (or no rules) that governed us became irrational. Our perception changed; rather, it died!

Where we never gave a second thought about doing anything, now we have started thinking about everything. Where we were scared of few people, now we are scared of everyone. Where we

Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Teri aankho ka ked karna,
Teri aawaaz ka khamosh karna,
Teri ahat se sab tham jana,
Nahi bhoolunga mein
Jab tak hain jaan,jab tak hai jaan.
Teri Muskurahat pe qurbaan hona,
Teri khushi ke liye zindagi haarna,
Tujhe paane ke liye khud kho jana,
Nahi Bhulunga mein,
Jab tak hai jaan, jab tak hai jaan.
Teri Dhadkan ka zor se dhadkana,
Tere chehre pe woh sakoon ka samana,
Tera mujh mein sama jana,
Nahi bhulunga mein,
Jab tak hai jaan, Jab tak hai jaan.

Inspired by Shayari written by Gulzaar sahab for the movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan.


I wish a wish for lifetime,
A wish with which my life shall rhyme.
A wish that may enlighten my world, A wish that my heart just heard.
A wish that sets the road il walk on, A wish that is lyrics of my own song.
A wish that makes me,"me", A wish that sets me free.
A wish that is part of my fantasy, A wish that might never be a reality.
A wish that might not be destine, But a wish that is all mine.
With hope i wish for my only wish, That my life is like my 'the wish.'
Written by my dear friend Shruti Gupta.

Chal Daaru Peete Hai!

Samay se chura kar kuchh waqt,
Zindagi jeete hai.
Chal daaru peete hai...

Wo sapno ki chadar jo fat gayi hai,
Nashe me hi sahi,
Aaj usko seete hai,
Chal daaru peete hai...

Usko bata do ki ab aur intezar nahi uska,

Uske intezar me na jane kitne din, mahine, saal bus yun hi beete hai,
Chal daru peete hai...

Zindagi me hasil karne the jo mukaam, sharab k nashe me hi sahi,
Aaj unhe jeete hai...
Chal daru peete hai...

Gamon Ko chipa kar khusiyan batein
Chehare pe hasi ka ek aur nakab pahne..
Chal daru pite hai....

Yaadon ki baarat me khuch pal bitate hain
Thoda thoda yaad kartein hain...
Chal daru pite hain...

Khuch pal ke liye he sahi 
Samay ko dokha detein hai.
Chal daru piten hain

Written By an Unkown Writer!! But must say "Chal Daaru Peete Hai!"