Sunday, May 8

Are Your Followers Following You?

Social networking sites are not only popular among networking enthusiast for sharing photos and their mood status, it is an important tool for almost all level of business houses to promote their brand.

There are various companies and applications which can assist you in developing an attractive social media face for the organization and would also get you popular by having people like that face and follow whatever comes out of the mouth, but during my research for the relevance of having a huge fan base or followers, I found a question which was quite remarkably left satisfactorily unanswered- Is the ROI on these marketing campaigns satisfactory? For some I am sure it would be, but for most, it isn’t.

Well a huge fan base or a high following might get you the social status of being widely known, but it does not solve your ulterior motive of promoting a product. Herd tendencies, that are widely used during marketing campaigns are not successful everywhere.

I can get you thousand fans and followers but if those followers and fans are not following you, and are not going through your each and every word with open ears than those followers and fans are of no use. As whenever it comes to promote a product they would ignore that tweet or update like all the others. It is necessary that the followers and the fans that you are getting are organic and are checking all the updates and tweets that you are sending, also they are forwarding those and are sharing those.

This would lead us to achieve two targets at once. First, whenever we market our product or promote our service, people would go through the campaign and we are sure to get a good amount of hits if the campaign is well designed. Secondly, such followers are more likely to share and like and comment and retweet your post which leads to getting the post ranked higher in the updates list of the respective social media network, which would also increase the chance of attaining more organic followers. Hence, it starts a cycle which would help grow the organization, the way it was supposed to through the marketing strategy.

This is a cumbersome activity and as compared to getting the herd followers and fans strategy, might even be more time consuming. But a well coordinated and planned multi level marketing campaign can make that possible in a shorter time span with a higher return on investment.


Why does it get so difficult to decide,
Why does it get so difficult to live?
Why does everyone want you to act the way they think is right,
Why is it that whatever I think is revolutionary?
Why is it that I am told that I am free,
Yet I feel the urge to bread the cage and flee?
Why is it that my feelings do mean something,
Yet when I say them, I am being termed selfish?
Why is it that I always feel alive when I am alone,
Yet I am urged to live by the society?
Why is it, that in my life,
I am taught how to live?