Sunday, July 24

What Should I Say!

What should I say,

when you walk away;

with your back on me;

so that you look at me.

what should I say,

when you heart is broken;

the reason, me;

so that you love me.

what should I say,

when there is a tear on your cheek;

you can't control,you are weak;

so that you count on me.

what should I say,

so that you believe;

you trust without thinking twice;

I can die for your love.

what should I say,

to make you realise;

no matter how much I lie;

it's to make you smile, I breathe.


My version of "when sorry seems to be the hardest word"

Monday, July 4

My Angel!

I sat there alone, thinking I was alone
When a thought saved my life.
I looked into the light,
And I saw my “Angel”.

It was difficult to stop thinking about her,
I realized there was smile on my face.
And no matter what I did, to evade her,
Every move brought me closer.

The more I spent with my loneliness,
The more I realized her presence.
And then it struck, like thunderous bolt,
Her sweet smile, and loving eyes.

The scent of the woman,
The touch of an angel,
I despised my condition,
For I was praying to be with her.