Monday, December 5

That Night!

I don’t know what struck me. I thought I was in senses. But then there was something that made the whole night so blur, and I hadn’t a pint. I wasn’t intoxicated or injected or injured, but then there was something that made the events of the night so messed. I am trying, trying as hard as I can, to think logically, to be wise and not act foolishly. But it’s all in vain.

I have had my falls, a lot many of them too. But then there was a jolt that jerked me to stand up. It gave me confidence to think hard and to be who I was. I believe I was confident, could face any challenge and could be who I was! But then there was something in the night that made all that confidence dwindle. I don’t think there was a fault in me, I don’t think there was something awkward, but then there was something in the night that made me doubt my judgment.

I am thinking hard, I can’t be such a fool. I try to be reasonable, evaluate every move I made. What was it that was missing? What was it that I did wrong? And then, just when I started recording it, it hit me like the big bang, and just as it brought the World into being, I realized what happened that night.

It was you, all along, you and only you. Ages had passed since you had laid eyes on me; ages had passed since I had seen you. I don’t know about you, but I had certain expectations from me.  I wanted to be perfect, so that you could fall for me all over again; I wanted to be far much better than you had thought I would be. And though I tried to be the best I can, there was something missing in me. You would look pretty I knew. The world would be around you, I knew. And I had to be better than the rest, so that you could be proud of me.

I got dressed the best I could, tried to be as gentlemanly as I could. And when standing at the threshold of the gate, everything seemed to be so meager that couldn’t hold. And then the unbelievable happened. And I laid my eyes on you. You were the true caricature of an angel, you were the God’s idea of princess. The night lit up with your beauty. And as for me, I have no idea, as I was in a fairy tale and a princess was walking towards me.

I fumbled I guess, I am not sure. I couldn’t move my glare away from you. I should have tried a little harder, to look a little better, I thought. But then your smile and those glistening eyes assured me. And that’s what made the night stay still for me.