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What is Love?

What is Love, Baby don't hurt me...

What is really love, is it something that bad that our elders see it with suspicion, people are often afraid to express it and where they say it happens only once, there seems to be a fashion of falling in love.

I have been in it, and I believe I am still in it. A simple statement or just a word does not change anything. Love is a feeling, it is something really beautiful!

When your heart starts pounding so hard, that you can feel it beating, loud and clear, whenever you see someone, and your eyes are diving from one end to the other when you are waiting for someone. When your mind pops thousands of situations when you are waiting for someone and the person is late, and when you swear to God to kill anyone who either humiliates or troubles someone. When all these things happen for one person, then that is LOVE!

Love is a wonderful feeling, it gives you strength to stay away from your loved one and still stay in love. When it becomes difficult t…

In Support to Fight Against Corruption

Kisan Baburao Hazare, or as we better know him as "Anna Hazare", has really brought the nation to rise and stand up against an illness we were aware of but didn't do much about. Today the entire nation stands in support of his cause and the bill that he has proposed. All this debate has really forced me to think about the root cause of the problem. Why do we have corruption and where did it all start?
I was discussing the same with a very close friend of mine, when I realized that we, the citizens of India, have given birth to this parasite, and now it has made home in our nation. Whenever we need to get some official work done or get some clearance from a government agency, the first thought that comes to our mind is about giving bribe. There would be plenty of people who would have bribed their way to get their driving license and plenty others who would do the same to get other work done.
Aren't we directly feeding corruption? If we make a stand and decide to sta…