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An emotion by my friend Aviral

Every night I have the feeling of DejaVu
Reminds me of the tym when I 1st saw you
 There are millions of stars twinkling in d night
None of dem are as bright as the moons light

You are the moon i see every night
Coz u make my life so bright
No mattee how the boat of my life rolls
 You pass ur light from within the cloud holes

But then i seem 2 frget that smtyms deres bad weather
When troubles hir lyk a rock evn ven dey are as light as a feather
Guess dats wts lyf all about
 No matter hw beautiful it is it appears ugly and stout

I wanna let u knw knw hw mch i love u
The sky might b cloudy bt d oceans still blue
Every cloud has a silver lining
We jst cant see it coz of our stupid timing

Dont knw y u r dng dis 2 me
I'm crazy fr u cant u see
If deres smthin u wanna say
Tomorrows alwaz a new day

I dnt care wt we've left behind
Ill erase all memories from my mind
You can leave if u want to
But P.S. I love u