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Women - Do I Need Say More

Today is Women's Day, to be honest, which day isn't!

The past year and the beginning of 2018 has seen a lot of movements to support & strengthen women. What everybody does not realize that women or the feminine gender is the as much an integral part of the fabric as any other being. There was a beautiful movie that was based society without women. It was complete chaos!

I believe women are special in their own way, and in no way they need to prove anything to anybody. Rather, every day, they should feel special. They do so much, yet demand so little. Be it mother, girlfriend, wife, daughter sister, they embrace and absorb so much.

This is to all women - grandmothers, mothers, teachers, aunts, sisters and nieces.

If you could look past the flash light,
If you could look into the future,
There is darkness,
There is nothingness without you.

If we could understand you,
If we could know you,
We might not talk,
We might not stand next to you.

Happy Women's Day!

Shelters for Animals

The festival of 'Holi' just ended. In one of the local newspapers I read an article about a group of youngsters urging people to allow stray dogs to live in house compounds and with the help of some locals, they were also building make-shift shelter homes. That was a really noble gesture because colors used in 'Holi' can harm animals.

That led me to think, that when one festival can make people build animal shelters, then why don't we actually do so permanently. Now I might be ignorant and there might be some already in place. But when I see a stray dog, it makes confirms my notion.

Recently, people have become quite active about animal rights, we have come a long way from making fun and jokes on 'Maenka Gandhi' for being so active in support of animals to actually starting pledges and NGO's to protect them. But still, there is dearth of good shelter homes for stray animals.

It is time we started thinking about building proper care homes where stray an…