Wednesday, June 12

Have We Changed or Is It Our Perception?

It is often said that people change as they grow; but is it actually true?

When we are kids, nothing has any effect on us. We are like revolutionaries; we do what we desire without caring about what anyone would think of us. And if anybody thought they could change us, well we showed them that they shouldn't wish for stars. You tell us something not to do, and we the first thing we did was bite the forbidden apple. The only person we ever listened to was the one we were scared of; or the one who we idolized. We were happy in our own world; and yes, it was our
own world, our own rules and our own society!

But then something really tragic happened - we grew up! Suddenly we were too big for our own world. The rules (or no rules) that governed us became irrational. Our perception changed; rather, it died!

Where we never gave a second thought about doing anything, now we have started thinking about everything. Where we were scared of few people, now we are scared of everyone. Where we
looked at the world with our own eyes, now we were looking at the world from the society's eyes.

Though I know there are still people who have not changed, and it is they are either called revolutionary or mad. They live in the same world as everybody, they grew up in the same society
learning from the same books. So what is the difference? Are they correct in not changing their perception?

These revolutionaries are the one's that make a mark on the stone. And they are the one's idolized by everyone, because they decided to follow their own path without worrying about what others would think and say.

I feel that no one changes with time. They are still the same from inside, its just that they wear a character which they feel is most acceptable by the society. Well to those, stop, give it a thought, because you have brains; is your perception of world so screwed?