Tuesday, November 5

My Love!

Today after completing 26 years of my life, in which I have been in love since 2008 of which, the last year and half I have not even had the chance to say hello to the one I love!

Well as strangely as it started, the same way it is alive in me. After a long lost journey I have realized that it is not necessary to see the one you love every day or to speak to her every day, or to be with her every day. All it requires is just the feeling and the realization of love.

Though no longer with me, she is still the love of my life. No matter how sad or depressed I am, a memory flash is enough to bring me back to life. No matter how difficult the situation, a peak at her smiling face opens a flood of solutions. And she is still my biggest inspiration!

I am not sure whether I will see her again or not, but I am glad that when I had the chance, I didn’t 
leave any chance to be with her. I am glad that even if it was just for a few minutes, I made it a point to spend them with her.

Her beautiful brown eyes, her curly brown hair, that innocent smile and that reassuring touch, are something that I can never forget. What’s strange is that though as per famous love stories and films, I should feel sad that she is not with me, I feel happy and content every time I remember her. And at times, I do miss her, but not because she is not with me, just because I can’t make her smile or irritate her, the way I used to.

On my birthday, today, I take the opportunity to Thank You my love, for coming into my life, sharing your smile with me, and tolerating me. I am glad to have you as my companion!