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In Support to Fight Against Corruption

Kisan Baburao Hazare, or as we better know him as "Anna Hazare", has really brought the nation to rise and stand up against an illness we were aware of but didn't do much about. Today the entire nation stands in support of his cause and the bill that he has proposed. All this debate has really forced me to think about the root cause of the problem. Why do we have corruption and where did it all start?

I was discussing the same with a very close friend of mine, when I realized that we, the citizens of India, have given birth to this parasite, and now it has made home in our nation. Whenever we need to get some official work done or get some clearance from a government agency, the first thought that comes to our mind is about giving bribe. There would be plenty of people who would have bribed their way to get their driving license and plenty others who would do the same to get other work done.

Aren't we directly feeding corruption? If we make a stand and decide to stand as a nation against bribe, don't you think we would be eradicating the problem to quite an extent?

I asked the same to my friend, and she said had a different opinion. What she said was also noteworthy. She said that today corruption is so deep rooted, that no one wants to work until they are bribed. What better example do we have than highlighted by the famous sitcom "Office Office." As in the sitcom, even in true life, people don't work or provide you the information, till they are fed "under the table." Also, till we have a some checkpoint or some law that can punish those asking for bribe, no one has an incentive to do anything without it.

Today even if we make it a point to not bribe, then we are disturbed not the official, as there are others who are bribing their way off. I really didn't have an answer to her counter argument. I thought really hard about it, if this is the problem, than there has to be a solution.Today the nation has made it clear that it wants to remove this illness once and for all, and if we want we can!

And so I feel, that if we want to stop corruption than we need to stop bribing people. And to do that and to still get our work done (till the bill passes) we need to stand, as a nation, with all those people who are decide not to bribe. And if there is someone who doesn't work, then lets gather a public awareness about it. Lets discuss about it, like we have gathered support for the bill (because of which, it has become the focus of the government) lets gather support against those who refuse to work until they are fed "under the table."

To do this, I propose to create a site, where people can report such cases and the nation could support them and bring such incidents to limelight. Would appreciate your opinion.


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