Wednesday, September 28

From A Broken Heart!

What shall I say, it’s a mystery!
Whom I thought to be my better half,
Turned out to be a burden on me!

I was happy earlier,
When there was no one to prey.
Though there was a hidden longing
To meet someone to enrich my day!

Then I saw you,
And felt the urge to be with you.
You were so loving and caring
I felt heavenly being near you.

What happened suddenly?
I can’t remember.
I was basking in your love,
When you showed me your fury.

Things felt apart so quickly
There was no glue to stick them together.
You left blaming for the runt
As I lay there shattered at the loss.

Since then I stay in despair
Idiotically waiting for someone
To embrace and make me whole again.

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