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The Patriots

When Indian cricket team glorified the world with their amazing World Cup win, the entire woke up to a feeling of joy and happiness never felt before. Their were tears, belly dancing (by bellies better covered, though) and the Flag. Everyone cheered the hard work and honesty of the team and basked in the glory of the God of Cricket.

During the match, the entire country stood still and even a childish remark about the team loosing could have been rewarded with lifetime imprisonment. But behind all this joy and festivities, I am forced to think, “If only the nation felt the way it felt, always.”

Hypothetically speaking, if the team would have lost (though I always prayed for their victory) fans would have made the life of the players a living hell, and this no secret as some of the most eminent players have even voiced their concern about the pressure they faced. If only we would make the life of all those people who made a the progress of the nation living hell, wouldn’t we have already won the World and drank sweet tea in the Cup.

A great actor once said that I don’t believe that the country is great, though I surely believe that the country has the potential to be great.

The entire world has recognized that India’s got Talent (we don’t need a show to prove it), but still India is considered as a developing nation. I failed to understand the reason for it.

I thought if I wrote this may be I would be able to give my mind some peace by finally coming to a conclusion. But I am so scared to voice my thoughts, that I am still where I started from. The fear that stops me from pondering further is not that I might say something that might in the remotest of sense belittle my great country (not even in my weirdest of dreams would I think of something that would do so), but the fear that I might not hurt a sect rather than a nation.

Though India is a land of many cultures and religious diversities and we consider ourselves as one nation, we could not really understand the meaning of either. Every religion considers itself at war with the other (and we have some glorious events to support my view) and rather than being a nation we are a sub continent of divided states.

Rather than supporting each other in achieving great heights we try to belittle the other so that he is not considered better than us, and I feel it’s not only with this nation, it is human nature, but just because we are so diverse, the fact is prominent in us.

Getting back to where I started, we consider ourselves a nation when the cricket team wins the match, but not when the laws are ridiculed at and the political system is mocked at. It is not our concern that there is widespread illiteracy and corruption and there are people who live under the poverty line. Though movies like “Rand De Basanti” arouse our Patriotism, but that spurt of feeling lasts only for the three hours the movie is telecast.


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